About Frances

frances-in-actionFrances Whelan is a qualified Nutrition & Health Coach with over 27 years experience in helping people to take control of their eating habits and in turn experiencing quality of life.

Weigh Lighter, the nutrition and weight loss  programme designed by Frances advocates a simple and straightforward approach to helping people adopt healthy eating and lifestyle habits, and places a high value on the place of group support and motivation as part of the process.

Weigh Lighter classes are held on a weekly basis, and are 1 hour.  The first 30 minutes is dedicated to a confidential weigh-in with Frances, when members receive personal attention and feedback, followed by a motivational class talk, food demo or teamwork activity. Find a list of weekly classes here.

Frances believes that quick fixes and diet products are not the answer to the epidemic of obesity and other diet-related illness engulfing Ireland today; instead a balanced approach to weight loss is crucial, and you will find this teaching is ever evident in the Weigh Lighter classes run by Frances.

You can also contact her today to inquire about her designing a special talk or workshop for your group, school or organisation.  She would be delighted to speak with you.


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